Mike Roberts "your complete set of CreditSolution Videos.This thing starts out with him telling about how he was in credit *** and how he got out.

I thought I've play along thinking I could help my brother who is in credit ***. What I ended up with was an application for my credit scores for free, turns out that the offer isn't free, it is a $1.00 credit card "refundable" when you sign up for something that cost $29.95 a month blah blah blah. When I went back on the application and tried to erase my information, I found that I couldn't erase my email address. I think this is BS so I wrote the company an email telling them so, and said I didn't need a response and to NOT email me ANYTHING, but to remove my address.

Do not fall for any of these companies offering Free anything.

Your Credit scores are available once a year from any of the Reputable credit reporting companies.I'll write again if they don't honor my request for no emails.


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I'm so very tired of these cybpredators trying to take advantage of people already down,God will make sure you pay for your decit.

Windermere, Florida, United States #1074630

I have not used this program, but I've been researching it for a while.I've read tons of reviews and every bad one is concerning the monthly fee.

#1 that's the credit monitoring agency charging you not the program #2 if you read what you sign up for I'm sure it tells you about the recurring fee if you do not cancel within a certain amount of time, because I've used some of these companies in the past, even annualcreditreport.com which is free charges you for the scores. They only give you your report for free. Credit Karma is the only company that offers actual free credit score and report from two of the credit agencies.

And by the way this is a suggestion they give you and not a requirement to use the program and #3 stop writing reviews that are not going to help anyone because is not actually related to the content of the program.I would love to find someone who actually followed the program, and actually read the credit reporting company's requirements for getting their credit report so they can have some information that can actually help me make an educated decision regarding the actual credit repair program!!!!

to LPagan Monroe, Wisconsin, United States #1177518

How much are you being paid for this BS review?

Colleyville, Texas, United States #995006

I almost fell for it too, thanks for the heads up.I Google Mike Roberts credit solutions and saw the scam review thanks for the heads up.

There's no easy way, just roll your sleeves up study read and just do it yourself.Thanks again

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #936751

Ironic.You get a program to help repair your credit - oh wait, not you, your "brother" haha - who is stiffing creditors and not paying bills, not honoring obligations, reneging on your word.

All issues of integrity.

And then, you call a program a scam because they're going to charge you for a credit report?

How about you - or your brother - just pay your bills? Or did those meanie old creditors mislead you too?

I'm not defending this Mike whoever, but it's annoying to hear someone who is, by definition, misleading creditors and stiffing them for potentially thousands of dollars fuss about thirty bucks.

Hauppauge, New York, United States #808364

You can also stop masquerading as an anonymous person who isn't linked to Mike Roberts, when all you're doing is trying to dispel the truth here about him.I'm less worried about your typos than your hollow defense of him.

You speak as though this guy is some kind of magician who is helping you fix your FICO. Want to fix your credit score? Simple: Pay your bills one time, leave as much unused balance as possible on your cards (50 pct at least per card), and meticulously check and dispute any wrong citations on your credit report.

It's as plain as that.It's no rocket science, and this guy is certainly no magician.

to BBK Hauppauge, New York, United States #808366

This and my earlier posting is in reply to the June 1, 2013, defense made on behalf of Roberts by Anonymous.

Albany, New York, United States #698897

NOPE - He advertises as a nice guy wanting to share what he is learned for free to tweak the info and later sell as a book.VERY MISLEADING: the site he refers to is not free - it is a membership site.

You can only look at one credit report without spending $29.00.

I think Mr.Mike is working for Trans-Union.


It is nog a scam, I use it and have noy spent a penny to use the information on the provram.It is a inconvenience having to call and cancel the membership.

You do not have to check your credit through the link provided, you can get your credit report from any site you choose.

II am not an employee or volunteer for Mike Roberts, just a person who wants to fix her credit.Good luck.

to Anonymous #658752

:zzz Excuse the spelling mistakes on previous post re Mike Roberts, I am using my phone with a small key pad and pushing the wrong keys. I should have used spell check before posting.

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