Three year ago I had about six IRS liens. (about $190,000).

But , because I had properties in two other states, liens were filed in those states also by the IRS. Now there are 18 liens with almost $600,000 showing up on my Credit Reports. Also ,my FICO scores were in the low 600s. First of all, because of your program, I managed to get an Installment Agreement with the IRS.

I then got it all paid off and received "Releases" on all of the 'liens'. But the best part is requesting all liens to be "withdrawn", via certified letters and return receipts requested. and after about 4 phone calls, I received a copy of the "withdrawn ' liens that was sent to all three recorder's office in the three states and the three Credit Reporting Agencies. Now, Fico score is 745 and will be rising as things get aged.

Thanks to you, Mike Roberts and the Credit Solution, I am extreemly satisfied.

Highly recommended especially for your section on the "withdrawals". Chuck D

Reason of review: Good quality.

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